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WATCH: Biden Under Pressure After Our Scoop

Mar 1, 2022 David Sirota
The Daily Poster’s reporting is intensifying demands that Biden stop betraying his promises and start delivering help to student debtors.
WATCH: Biden Under Pressure After Our Scoop


President Biden is under pressure after The Daily Poster’s reporting exposed him betraying his promise to stop crushing student debtors. Watch this new video about the situation — and then click here to use this limited-time discount to become a subscriber for less than $5 to help us do more:

CNN and The Washington Post both credited our reporting for breaking open this story of betrayal — and now Biden’s administration may be backtracking on some of its efforts to overturn student borrower victories. But it’s clear that the only way to make Biden fulfill his promise to student debtors is by continuing to subject him to real accountability journalism.

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