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Obama Tries To Revise History

Jun 2, 2021 David Sirota
The former president is now trying to pretend he was a Wall Street critic, even though he was bankers' biggest enabler.
Obama Tries To Revise History


We have a double feature for you today — two major stories that our reporters dug out. Huge thanks to our paying subscribers for funding this work. Check out these stories:

1. No, Obama Wasn’t Mad About Bailing Out Wall Street: Former President Barack Obama suddenly wants you to believe that he was mad about the giant Wall Street handouts that he voted for and then arm twisted lawmakers to expand. The former president’s foray into fantastical fiction is not only absurd — it is a reminder that history can repeat itself if we allow inconvenient truths to be memory-holed.

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2. From Anti-Union Law Firm To Blue-State Governor?: Tom Perez, the former Obama Labor Secretary and Democratic National Committee chair, announced Thursday that he was taking a job at Venable LLP, a management side law firm and lobby shop that boasts of its experience helping corporations bust unions and evade labor violations. That same day, Perez met with western Maryland Democrats and progressive activists over Zoom to talk about a potential run for governor, according to attendees.

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