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MIDDAY POSTER: The Coalition To Infect Workers And Cut CEO Taxes

Apr 13, 2021 Walker Bragman
GOP group led by Pence aide previously sought to shield corporations from worker safety lawsuits — and now it’s fighting a slightly higher corporate tax rate.
MIDDAY POSTER: The Coalition To Infect Workers And Cut CEO Taxes
Photo credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Republican operatives have set up a front group, the Coalition to Protect American Workers, to oppose President Joe Biden’s proposed corporate tax hike. According to reports, the group is planning to “spend at least $25 million on TV and digital ads and organizing” to fight the tax increase, ostensibly to protect jobs. But based on the past activities of the dark-money organization behind the effort, perhaps a better name for the group would be the Coalition to Infect American Workers.


• Civil rights, public health, and criminal justice groups are up in arms over Biden’s apparent decision to extend a Trump-era drug sentencing rule.

• Efforts to shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline have hit a major roadblock.

• A 2001 West Wing storyline finds new relevance amid today’s political debate over taxes.

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