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MIDDAY POSTER: Seeking Immunity, Nursing Home Execs Hire Biden Guy

May 25, 2021 Julia Rock
Nursing homes just hired Biden's top aide to lobby the White House - and Biden has refused to rescind a Trump rule shielding nursing home execs from liability.
MIDDAY POSTER: Seeking Immunity, Nursing Home Execs Hire Biden Guy

The Biden administration has declined to rescind a controversial Trump administration guidance that is helping nursing home executives shield themselves from legal consequences for COVID-19 deaths. The inaction coincides with the nursing home industry lobbying the executive office of the president through an operative with direct ties to President Biden, according to federal records reviewed by The Daily Poster.


  • The amount of money the United States is planning to spend to maintain its nuclear forces is reaching unfathomable levels.
  • Buoyed by real estate donations, Texas Republicans are working to quash eviction moratoriums.
  • Biden seems to have forgotten his promise to struggling debtors that “I’m going to eliminate your student debt.”

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