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MIDDAY POSTER: Roughly One In Five U.S. Households Have Medical Debt

Apr 8, 2021 Julia Rock
Also: JPMorgan CEO slams tax loopholes that benefit the rich, and Biden’s SEC says Amazon worker safety review isn’t necessary.
MIDDAY POSTER: Roughly One In Five U.S. Households Have Medical Debt
Photo credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images

New data shows that nearly one in five American households had medical debt in 2017, and that number went up for non-white households and those with children under 18. Biden could help address the crisis by following through on one of his most important campaign promises.


Even the CEO of one of the nation’s largest investment banks is willing to admit a controversial tax carve-out favored by some Democrats is nothing but a handout to the wealthy.

Corporate tax subsidies are draining billions from public schools, but the Treasury Department has a way to stem the damage.

The SEC passes on a chance to force Amazon to review how handled worker health and safety during pandemic.

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