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MIDDAY POSTER: Lobby Group Fighting Corporate Tax Hike Bankrolls Beltway Media

Apr 23, 2021 Joel Warner
Also: Sinema throws labor-union donors under the bus, while conflicts emerge in Supreme Court dark money case.
MIDDAY POSTER: Lobby Group Fighting Corporate Tax Hike Bankrolls Beltway Media
Photo caption: Plashing Vole/Flickr

In 2019, the Business Roundtable pledged that its members would help build “an economy that serves all Americans.” Instead, the lobby group for powerful corporate CEOs has been fighting the idea of a $15 minimum wage, pushing lawmakers to give companies immunity from COVID-related lawsuits if their workers get sick, and leading the fight against Joe Biden’s plan to increase the corporate tax rate in order to fund national infrastructure investments.

Now, new IRS records reveal that the organization isn’t just working to influence Beltway policymakers and pundits through lobbying — it’s also funding the media shaping the debate. Can you guess which news outlet scored nearly $500,000 from the lobby group last year?


• Kyrsten Sinema’s latest comments suggest she’s forgotten about some of her biggest campaign supporters.

• A potential conflict of interest has emerged in a Supreme Court case over Koch dark money spending.

• Biden gets graded on how well he’s avoided corporate interest in his appointees so far.

• The Cuomo impeachment investigations are quickly gaining steam.

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