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MIDDAY POSTER: COVID Deaths Linked To For-Profit Health Care

Mar 23, 2021 Walker Bragman
Also: Fauci cozies up to pharmaceutical lobbyists, while Zoom has found a way to mute its tax obligations.
MIDDAY POSTER: COVID Deaths Linked To For-Profit Health Care
Photo credit: Apu Gomes/Getty Images

There are many reasons the COVID-19 pandemic has caused more death and devastation in the United States than nearly anywhere else in the world. But an eye-opening new report from a national consumer watchdog group suggests a major factor was the country’s for-profit health care system, which created a perfect storm of conditions that led to maximum pandemic impact.


• A new paper from an epidemiologist warns CDC school reopening guidelines may not be enough.

• Zoom has made a killing during the pandemic, but does it pay its taxes?

• Dr. Fauci, America’s doctor, courts pharmaceutical lobbyists.

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