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MIDDAY POSTER: Billionaires Hit The Jackpot During The Pandemic

Mar 16, 2021 Walker Bragman
Also: Pfizer execs plan for big profits from COVID-19 complications, and time’s almost up to stop Trump’s last-minute rule changes.
MIDDAY POSTER: Billionaires Hit The Jackpot During The Pandemic
#TaxTheRich protestors at Times Square, March 4, 2021. (Photo credit: Erik McGregor/Getty Images)

This report is written by Walker Bragman.

While Biden is now eyeing the country’s first significant tax hike since 1993, he has expressed hostility to the idea of a wealth tax. But new data from the nonprofit Americans For Tax Fairness suggests the country’s richest did well enough for themselves over the past year to have income to spare.


• The White House tells The Daily Poster that people will be able to request White House staffers’ financial disclosure forms starting on Friday.

• Time is running out to reverse Trump’s last-minute rule changes.

• The Yemen conflict continues to exact a heavy toll, despite the administration’s supposedly tough stance on Saudi Arabia.

• Pfizer executives are cheering on the latest COVID-19 news — even though the developments could spell trouble for the rest of the world.

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