🎧 LEVER TIME: Where Spirituality Meets Politics (w/ Russell Brand)

LIVE CHAT: Join Us Starting at 5:45pm ET Today

Nov 2, 2020 David Sirota
LIVE CHAT: Join Us Starting at 5:45pm ET Today


Just a quick reminder β€” our first Daily Poster live chat starts at 5:45pm ET today. You can click here to find all the details about how to participate.

This is a subscriber-only event, so if you want to participate, click here to become a supporting subscriber.

We are starting a bit earlier than originally announced because we have added Bernie 2020 pollster Ben Tulchin to the lineup. He is going to give us a rundown of the polling in advance of Election Day. Then we will chat with journalist Naomi Klein. You will be able to ask questions of all of us.

I hope you will join the conversation β€” it should be fun.

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