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Everything’s Bigger In Texas, Even The Hypocrisy

May 19, 2021 David Sirota
In a bid to be America’s biggest hypocrites, Texas Republicans cut off jobless benefits days after moving to extend corporate handouts.
Everything’s Bigger In Texas, Even The Hypocrisy

Last week, Mississippi’s Republican-controlled government cut off $500 million of COVID-19 jobless aid for nearly 100,000 of its citizens, joining a national GOP campaign to portray jobless workers as lazy layabouts who don’t need assistance. At the same time, it was reported that the same Republican-run Mississippi government allowed $1.1 million worth of welfare cash to flow to Brett Favre for speeches he never gave — and he has yet to return $600,000 of it.

But now, the Lone Star State is living up to the saying that everything is bigger in Texas, even greed and hypocrisy. In the last week and a half, Texas Republicans moved to block $8 billion worth of pandemic unemployment benefits for 1.3 million people just days after voting to extend a corporate subsidy program that is enriching fossil fuel companies and has already cost the state $10 billion.  

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