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Corporations Kept Bankrolling The Campaign Against Voting Rights

Records show big business funneled millions to GOP groups even after they attempted to limit voting rights and overturn the election.
Corporations Kept Bankrolling The Campaign Against Voting Rights

Major corporations won praise in the weeks after the January 6 Capital riot by expressing support for voting rights and promising to suspend their political action committee donations to Republican lawmakers who had tried to overturn the election. Corporate America would be a vanguard in the defense of democracy, some headlines suggested.

Left largely unmentioned: Brand-name corporations and corporate lobbying groups still funneled $15 million last year to two major GOP groups — the Republican Attorneys General Association and the Republican State Legislative Committee — after the organizations and their officials pushed to curtail voting rights and overturn the 2020 election, according to IRS records reviewed by The Daily Poster.

Meanwhile, many major companies continue to support the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — even as the powerful lobby group has been leading the fight against federal legislation protecting voting rights.

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