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Bernie vs. Bailout 3.0

May 28, 2021 David Sirota
Bernie vs. Bailout 3.0


We have a double feature for you today — two major stories that our reporters dug out. Huge thanks to our paying subscribers for funding this work. Check out these scoops:

1. Bernie vs. Bailout 3.0: As Washington policymakers block a $15 minimum wage, stall new infrastructure investments, and halt student debt relief initiatives, they may be nearing agreement on an issue that has bipartisan support: funneling billions of federal dollars to companies already raking in huge profits. This time, it’s Big Tech that would hit the jackpot — but Sen. Bernie Sanders is trying to stop them.

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2. Obama's Labor Secretary Joins Anti-Union Law Firm: Former Obama Labor Secretary Tom Perez announced on Thursday that he’s joining the law firm Venable LLP, whose website boasts that its lawyers “regularly counsel and train clients on union avoidance.” Perez joins a growing number of Obama officials who cashed in their government experience with jobs at union-busting companies. And rather than avoid issues he oversaw as Labor Secretary, Perez said in a press release he will be working specifically on those labor and employment issues.

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